Latest Update Thursday Feb 8th 2018

Attention to ALL XCS coin holders.

It’s with deep regret that we have to inform you that a very sophisticated hacker or hackers managed to hack our company computer in spite of having what we believed to
be top notch security to guard against hackers.

As a result the hacker(s) stole over 100.000,000 XCS coins from the company which equates to one third of the XCS coins thus making them the largest coin holder(s).

In Lew of the devastating loss of coins and a few other unfavorable events that we learned about recently that had happened prior to the sale of the Cycsec company
to Wealth Rising Global LTD lead us to an executive decision to scrap/Burn the XCS coins.
What this means is that ALL of the legitimately obtained XCS coins will be exchanged with a new coin.

Please NOTE that the XCS marked on the coinexchange has already been deactivated upon our request in order to prevent the hacker(s)
from dumping the stolen coins on the market where innocent and unsuspecting buyers would buy the stolen coins.
A request has been submitted to coinexchange to permanently delist/remove the XCS coin from the market.

SPECIAL NOTE: It was said on the update call at first that those who have XCS coins in the exchange account XCS wallets would have to be transferred to the
Cybcsec desktop wallet then it was said on the call it would NOT be needed because the XCS coins are no longer trad able on the exchange thus are now 100% totally useless and 100% worthless.

But upon further consideration after the update call was sent out we realized that it was a HUGE mistake, the XCS coins will HAVE to be transferred to the desktop wallet
because the coin XCS coins that were “Obtained Legitimately” Bought OR were “Given” for free by the new company admin team will be exchanged coin for coin.
(Details will be shared at a later date)

Again: The XCS coins WILL have to be transferred out of the coinexchange XCS wallets ASAP and will have to be transferred to “Designated” company XCS wallet at a
later date in order to exchange the XCS for the “NEW” coin.

We will ask the coinexchange owner(s) to allow adequate time for the coins to be transferred out of the exchange XCS wallets.
We will post a deadline given by the exchange by when the XCS coins HAVE to be transferred out.

Again, The XCS coins MUST be transfer your Cybcsec desktop XCS Default receiving wallets.

We are already in talks with a professional software development group negotiating a contract to develop a new Altcoin along with a
unique and secure QT wallet.

We will keep you informed as progress is being made.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this turn of events is undoubtedly causing all of you is sure does us.
Res assured that we are fully committed now and always will be to do whatg ever it may take to move forward whereby everybody will be coming out a winner.

Warm regards.
Gerhard, Pete and the WRC/Cybcsec Team.

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