Your attention would be greatly appreciated!

This is an official notification informing the cybcsec community and all of the XCS coin holders that the cybcsec company has been sold.

The new owner (To be announced) is fully committed to carry on with the current cybcsec road-map.

New developers have been brought on board to go over the XCS coin and wallet project with a fine tooth comb
to ensure the members an coin holders that the new team will look for and correct any abnormalities should there be any.

Please note that the new owner does not have any association nor any partnership with the founder of the cybcsec project, Tommy Lindbo
therefore, the new owner will not be liable for any prior dealings or negotiations the founder may have had with any individuals prior to selling the company.

Rest assured that the new owner has every intention to push the cybcsec project along with the XCS coin forward to a whole new level.
Everybody will be invited and encouraged to join a webinar that will be held next week sometimes to meet the new owner and learn more bout the plan going forth.

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