What is CybCSec Coin

Creating a Stable, Legitimate Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


CybCSec is a high speed, reliable, battle-tested cryptocurrency built on the solid foundation of Bitcoin. A true community based anonymous Tor friendly currency, CybCSec will exhibit innovative cyber security solutions available to all its users.


CybCSec employs Open Intrusion Systems, IDS to protect core daemon processes and RPC stacks. Designed with high security in mind and by an expert in Cyber Security, CybCSec is hardened to protect itself from network attacks.


Established from the original Bitcoin source and being a Proof of Stake asset, CybCSec aims to improve the build standards of the current blockchain and enhance the stability of the network through innovative Blockchain features.

CybCSec Innovation

Worldwide Network Security Integration



Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts otherwise known as digital contracts can establish computer automated agreements which can be pre-programmed between two or more Anonymous parties, enabling them to trade and do business with each other without the need for any third parties.

Secure Messaging

Stealth messaging is becoming more of a necessity in todays world. Protect your private data or trace elements in a safe and secure way. The messaging system allows total control of your data to provide you a safe and secure way to manage information both incoming and outgoing from your computer.



Antivirus Suite

Antivirus or AV software will prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Accessing a worldwide network of sensors, the CybCSec Antivirus will combat, predict and remove threats from your pc devices.

Secure File Transfers

Access, manage and send files containing your private data across a reliable data stream ensuring that your privacy is upheld at all times. This feature is critical to ensure private communcations between users.



Intrusion Sensors

Intrusion detection and prevention system software that will monitor the ERS network/systems for malicious activity/intrusions or policy violations. Employing a swift response activity to these threats and potential threats will be a trademark of the CybCSec Intrusion feature.

Cyber Security

The protection of your computers system, from theft or damage to your hardware, software or saved data is critical for users across the world. Our Cyber Security suite will provide our users complete piece of mind with real-time systems and data protection.

CybCSec Vision

  • Eco System
    CybCSec was created to become a visible part of the new global cryptocurrency ecosystem by meeting and surpassing its requirements well into the foreseeable future. CybCSec aims to grow it's presence in the marketplace by introducing the coin into a range of different industries, creating a high demand for the token and rolling out additional exciting wallet features.
  • Availablity to Mint
    CybCSec provides all coin holders the ability to mint up to 8% additional coins per annum on all their stake coin value. Coin holders won't just benefit from the price of CybCSec, they will also be able to increase their coin portfolio every year. Users do not have to purchase expensive mining equipment to get the most out of their coins.
  • Secure Online Activities
    CybCSec aims to be the very first cryptocoin that provides security innovation to all it's users. With the implementation of Secure Messaging, Smart Contracts, digital wallet high security encryption protocols, offline secure coin storage and Cyber Security systems, users can enjoy benefits like no other asset in the marketplace. Safety and Security is our vision!
  • Fully Transparent
    CybCSec being a digital asset offers high transparency through it's blockchain and leadership elements. All transactions are verifiable and completely auditable. We believe that is an important necessity for crypto users worldwide. CybCSec uses military grade encryption technologies to record every transaction in the CybCSec network which reduces time-lagging and payment uncertainty.
  • Legally Compliant
    CybCSec will position itself in the cryptocurrency marketplace as one that is not afraid to align itself with legal, lawful and governmental guidelines. The provision of such a stance positions CybCSec as a safe and secure coin that can be accepted in any jurisdiction with ease. We believe that this will stabilize the coin, establish its credibility and applicability for users worldwide.
  • Merchant/Business Integration
    CybCSec aims to become a major player in global commerce. We plan to release features and services over the coming months and years that will improve business operations for businesses and users worldwide. Through specific partnerships, CybCSec will position itself as a popular, safe and secure payment currency ideal for business relationships through Smart Contracts and other services relating to security innovation.

Endless Possibilities

A legitimate secure cryptocurrency for everybody

CybCSec Wallets

Simply download a compatible wallet from your computer and run it once to sync with the Blockchain.

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Web Wallet

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Technical Specifications

Algorithm: PoSV3

Type: PoS

Coin Name: CybCSec Coin

Coin Ticker: XCS

RPC Port: 6600

P2P Port: 6601

PoS Percentage: 8% Per Year

Coin Supply: 250,000,000

Coinbase Maturity: 85 Blocks

Target Spacing: 64 Seconds

Target Timespan: 1 Block

Transaction Confirmations: 6 Blocks

Mined Blocks before Confirmation: 20 Blocks

Min Transaction Fee: 0.01 XCS

Stage Age: 2 Hours

Dedication Tor Nodes: 2

Speed: X20 Faster Than BTC

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A Community Cryptocurrency with Worldwide Applications

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